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Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Low Fat Diet

All About Protein Intake

Low Fat Foods List

In order to be ‘low fat’ a food, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must derive less than or equal to 30% of its total calories from fat or 3 g fat or less per reference amount customarily consumed (RACC). An easy way to find […]

Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

Know Your Fats: Trans Fat vs. Saturated Fat

While many of us know that as a general dieting guideline, avoiding high fat foods is the way to go. However, this isn’t entirely accurate and it definitely misses the target when it comes to understanding nutrition and gaining useful knowledge on the different types of fats. Enlisting in a low fat diet doesn’t mean that we should eliminate fats from our diet altogether.

Glycemic Index Diet

Low-Fat Diet for Weight Loss

The low-fat diet is proved to be effective in achieving long lasting weight loss and reducing risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. It is widely used as a treatment for obesity.