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Calories in Sugar

Is Stevia a Good Sugar Replacement for Weight Loss?

Almost everything we eat, anything processed, and most items you will get at restaurants are filled with sugar.  Fast food in particular is notoriously bad about this.  Sugar is basically all carbohydrates, and as such, can lead to rapid weight gain.  In addition, high volumes […]

What Can You Eat on the Biggest Loser Diet?

How Many Carbohydrates Should You Eat Per Day?

How many carbs per day do I need? Carbohydrate, like protein, is measured in grams (g). The U.S. Department of Agriculture Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for carbohydrates for children and adults, males and females, is 130g. However, this value is the minimum recommended intake to […]

Low-Carb Diets: Facts and Fiction

Low-Carb Diets: Facts and Fiction

A lot of rumors exist about low-carb diets. While millions of people swear by them, others swear they are nothing but harmful. It’s true—low-carb diets can pose nutrition issues if not followed correctly. However, this is not their aim. These diets intend for their followers […]