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Low Calorie Diet

Yogurt and Fruit Help Promote Weight Loss

Low-Calorie Desserts

If you are on a reduced-calorie diet for weight loss, cutting down on rich, high-calorie foods is a ‘must.’ Fatty, fried foods and desserts are often the first items to go. While this is necessary to a degree, many nutrition experts agree that cutting all […]

Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Low-Calorie Quick Meals

Calorie-control, especially when planning healthy meals, is essential for successful weight loss or weight maintenance. Meal planning can seem daunting. Start simple and build your recipe repertoire. For example, a dinner meal can be based upon one or two main ingredients or items you probably […]

Olive Garden Nutrition Facts

Low-Calorie Dinner Ideas

Everyday across America there is one question asked thousands of times over: “What should we have for dinner?” Breakfast and lunch are simpler – why? Food is becoming more expensive, even the staples, time is always ‘crunched’ and creativity takes a backseat to convenience and […]