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How Many Calories Should I Eat?

2000-Calorie Diet: Daily Values

Is Calorie Counting a Good Way to Lose Weight?

With all of the circulating information about the best way to lose weight or the fastest way to lose weight through nutritional modification, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. Which also just happens to be the #1 reason why people give up. So here are the facts about one of the most utilized methods for modifying your diet, calorie counting.

2000-Calorie Diet: Daily Values

How many calories should you eat per day?

Have you gained weight lately? Are you inactive and have a poor diet? It’s time to act! In order to lose weight you must create a caloric deficit to force your body to start obtaining energy from stored fat. The key is to find out […]

2000-Calorie Diet: Daily Values

What Is a Food Calorie

Learn what a calorie is, how many calories men and women need to consume a day, and how the three macronutrients–carbohydrates, fat, and protein–contribute to your total calorie intake.