How Long Does It Take to Walk a Mile on a Treadmill?

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How Long Does It Take to Walk a Mile on a Treadmill?

Walking a mile and getting the best workout in that mile will be different for different people. There are three key factors in a workout designed to reduce fat and increase fitness.  These factors are pace (in miles per hour), angle of climb (from flat to various inclines) and duration of the total walk.

Walking each mile in 30 minutes

Two miles per hour is a slow treadmill workout, but is still quite valuable.  At this pace, a mile is covered in 30 minutes.  Of course, an hour workout at this pace would complete 2 miles.  While estimating calories burned without knowing a person’s lean body mass and heart rate during the workout is imprecise, a 150 pound person might be expected to burn 290 calories on a level treadmill at 2 miles an hour over the course an hour.

Combined with a careful diet, even 3 or 4 days a week at an hour a day on the treadmill at 2 miles an hour should make a good contribution to weight reduction and overall fitness.

Also, the number of calories burned can be increased without walking farther or faster simply by changing the elevation of the treadmill.  For example, increasing the elevation to 5% should increase the calorie burn for that same 150 pound individual from about 290 to about 340.

Walking each mile in 20 minutes

If you feel comfortable and safe going a bit faster, a better workout is available in the same one-hour time period. By increasing the treadmill rate to 3 miles per hour, that 150 pound person would burn about 400 calories per hour on a level treadmill. Increasing the angle of the treadmill to 5 degrees increases the calorie burn to about 474 calories.

Since a pound of fat can be lost by burning 500 calories a day for a week, all but 26 calories of that objective can be achieved each day just on the treadmill if it is operated at the foregoing rate, duration and elevation.

An even faster treadmill walk is established by some training organizations.  Their rate is 4 miles per hour or a mile every 15 minutes.  At the same 5% elevation, this higher pace dramatically increases the benefit: 400 calories for a 100 pound person, 608 calories for the 150 pound example used early, and 811 for a 200 pound person.  This level of workout should only be undertaken by those already physically fit.

Walking a mile and stopping

Conversely, walking a single mile at any pace without continuing the workout reduces its cardiovascular benefit.  The reason is that each person, depending on their lean body mass and heart rate, needs a warm-up period of walking between 15 to 30 minutes before they experience more efficient aerobic exercise.

As a result, most of a one-mile treadmill walk will be inefficient.  A full one-hour workout will be much more efficient because most of the aerobic gains take place after the warm-up period.

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  • I have the same problem with my foot in a car accident and can’t run but am losing 10 lbs a month with my fitness pal website and 1 mile walking 2.2 mph on treadmill…good luck!

  • Hello I need your help badly! I am a 53 yr. old woman that had a stroke in Dec. ’09 and used to smoke way before the stroke[2 pks. day] I have gained so much weight and am told I am obese now[187-195]teeters back and forth.I love to walk and have a treadmill but my balance was affected somewhat and not sure if I should use it.In PT they didn’t think I should…what do you think? I get so tired and my legs hurt when I try to walk very far on the sidewalk then my right foot starts to drag a bit.I’m so tired all the time because I don’t always rest good at night and I have a problem with lower disc in back.I NEED and want to lose this weight so badly but just get so tired.Always loved long walks.Please help!Thank you.

  • I was in a car accident few years ago… I broke my hip,pelvic, L hip, L femur, L knee and crushed both ankles… a year after i had my R ankle infused.. so i have no movement in my ankles and i’m 30yrs old female, weigh 285 and i’m 6ft tall… what can i do to lose this weight… i wanna lose a hundred pounds… i don’t want to reach 300lbs so please help me…. I feel limited… if i never got messed up in this accident i wouldn’t be almost 300lbs.. please help.. thanks..

  • hello, my name is Rima, I am 37 years old, asthmatic and have a lot of back and knee pains..
    I am 107 kilos and 154cm in height.. I own a treadmill, I usually burn between 130 – 150 calories in 45 min to 1 hour walk (3 times per week) with speed between 3.5 – 3.8…. As I read in your article above, that is not enough for me to lose weight..

    Please can you tell me how many calories should I burn to lose 4 kilos per month, or advice me what should I do to lose at least i kilo per week.

    Please, how many calories should I burn to lose a 1 kilo gram of weight

    thanks for your patience
    Have A Nice Day


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