Green Tea for Weight Loss: Reviews & Studies

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Green Tea for Weight Loss: Reviews & Studies


You may wonder, “Is green tea good for weight loss?” Read on to find the answer.

First, what differs green tea from other types of tea such as oolong and black? Tea leaves come from the same Camellia sinensis plant, and they are green at harvest. If exposed to air for long, leaves darken and become “black” tea. If not, they remain green. Oolong tea is in between green and black tea.

Green Tea Effect on Weight Loss

Few studies examined the effect of tea on metabolism, fat oxidation and weight loss.

Physiologist William Rumpler studied the influence of oolong tea on energy expenditure. Four beverages were tested: full-strength tea, half-strength tea, water with caffeine, and water. Twelve men drank the beverages five times a day for three days. When the volunteers drank full-strength tea or water with caffeine, their metabolism was 2.9-3.4% higher than when they drank water, and they burnt on average 67 additional calories per day.

The study was rather short and limited, but it suggested that oolong tea helped to burn calories. However, burning 67 additional calories a day cannot cause substantial weight loss. To lose a pound, you need to create a deficit of 3500 calories.

Another interesting thing is that full-strength oolong tea increased fat oxidation by 12%, that is tea can help the body use fat as an energy source. However, more studies are required to confirm this.

Japanese researches also examined the effect of oolong tea and green tea on metabolism. They concluded that oolong tea increased metabolism by 10%, green tea, by 4% for 120 minutes. However, it is not known if tea can increase metabolism for a longer period.

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

We were not able to find any studies or reviews that would confirm that green tea or oolong tea consumption could increase metabolism to the point that would cause weight loss of a pound a week. Claims that green tea extract can make you lose weight rapidly without diet and exercises are deceptive.

Green Tea Side Effects

Green tea contains a large amount of caffeine. Before taking green tea, make sure you consult your doctor if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney disease or nervous disorder.

Studies on the effect of green tea for weight loss were short and limited. More research is required to prove that the effect of green or oolong tea is strong enough to cause weight loss. Claims that green tea can make you lose substantial weight without diet and exercises are not scientifically feasible.

For the latest research, see Green Tea and Weight loss: Update.



13 thoughts on “Green Tea for Weight Loss: Reviews & Studies”

  • From what I have read, some studies show that the chemical found in green tea called catechiin polyphenol as an anti oxidant and a fat burning booster. It is the combination of these two that contributes to weight loss. I think the recommended dose for this to have an effect would be 5 cups of green tea a day. In any case, it still would not hurt replacing our cups of coffee with green tea because of its many health benefits.

  • I have been drinking green tea on a daily basis for a number of week now. Whilst I cannot report any real signs of weight loss I am feeling brighter in myself.

    At work I sit at a desk 9-5 and would consume around 8 cups of “regular” tea each day (no sugar but semi skimmed milk). I would always feel sluggish by 3pm. Switch to green tea and bingo, the sluggish feeling has gone.

    I like the taste, am not missing my regular tea and am sticking to green for now.


  • Can I use green tea extract pill to replace green tea? I don’t have a boiler in my office so I can’t brew green tea during lunch time.

  • According the American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs, drinking tea or coffee in moderation likely has no negative effect on health for most people. Moderation means two to four cups of coffee or tea a day. Excessive caffeine use can cause negative side effects including sleeping disorders (which in turn can lead to restlessness, anxiety, and depression), abnormal heart rhythms, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

  • I knew green tea helped increase metabolism, but didn’t know it also increazed fat oxidation which can be a very powerful fat loss technique.

    I generally wouldn’t worry too much about the caffeine in green tea because it’s a pittance compared to coffee – unless you have a very high sensitivity to caffeine or are under doctor’s orders not to consume caffeine.

    As an aside, I really appreciate you linking to the source articles for your post. That’s really helpful.

  • I’ve heard the drinking too much coffee can be bad for you (because of the caffeine). If I still drink a few cups a day of espresso but also have a few cups of green tea, will the green tea still be beneficial?


  • All of the articles I have read said that drinking green tea reduces your daily caloric intake as well as increases calorie burn by an average of 67 calories per day… Which is about 7lbs per year if you drink 3-5 cups per day without sweetener… So no, there would not be any significant weight loss especially if you are not also exercising and eating a well balanced portion controlled diet.

  • I’ve noticed no discernible weight loss or gain when drinking green tea. If anything, I feel a bit bloated after drinking green tea.

  • There are essentially no calories or fat in the Oolong Tea if you do not add sugar, milk, etc. to it. Up to 3 cups is usually healthy for an average person; however, it may not be healthy for people who have kidney disease or other medical conditions.

  • Green tea helps you in cases of cancer,infections,high cholesterol levels. Green tea may help to prevent tooth decay because it kills the bacteria that causes the dental plaque. A substance known as Catechin tells the body when there is a need for speeding up the metabolism to burn more calories.

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