Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally Without Pills

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally Without Pills

Natural weight loss doesn’t have to be hard.

We all seem to beat ourselves up about our image, especially if it’s a weight issue.  We are constantly comparing ourselves with others and it does not help when we see famous, rich, beautiful actresses who all weigh less than their clothes.  Or when the media highlights “trouble areas” for actors or makes fun of actors who have gained weight.  This type of media attention creates anxiety for the rest of us.  So what do we do?  We either get motivated and change our lifestyle in a drastic way – working out every day, eating only healthy food – or just sit around eating and feeling depressed. A drastic lifestyle change is great if it is consistent and your program is a healthy one.  The problem is that for most people this is not a natural way of life as it is motivated by anxiety and insecurity.  So these programs are short lived.  Once you stop, you eat your guilt away.  Back to gaining weight and feeling fat compared with all those beautiful and skinny actresses.  Hence the terms “yo-yo dieting” and “crash dieting”.  There has to be a more effective and easier way… and there is.

The Key to Permanent Weight Loss Without Pills

The easy way to effective weight loss is making gradual changes to improve your health. Notice how health is replacing the word weight loss.  Improving your “health” will result in weight loss, but more importantly it will change your outlook on weight loss and life in general.  One of the first steps to living healthier is spending less time (if any) focusing on other people – especially people in the media.  Instead, use that time to have fun with new activities and learning about foods.  Read everything you can on how foods affect your body and mood.  Education is the key.  Take some of the time you spend watching TV, and put it into reading about food. Learning about food is fun because it is relevant and interesting.  You might want to start with learning about whole foods.  At the same time, start reading about fun activities you can try in your community or on your own.  The first step is doing some research. Do not allow yourself to guess or assume what activities are available, actually pick up some material from your local community center or go on line.  Too many times people just play over and over again in their heads what they “think” is available to them – and then resort to their usual habits.  Just reading, does not mean you have to commit – so take it as a fun exercise to explore.

While going through the exploring process, you can introduce some basic rules of living a healthy lifestyle. One basic rule is to eat a salad with every meal.  Every healthy person out there eats green food as it is essential for healthy living and it provides a large amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients our bodies need.  Green food gives us energy, boosts our immunity and enhances our mood. You do not need to make a drastic change, simply eat salad alongside your usual meals. 

The next easy step is to drink water. Drink water before your coffee in the morning.  Drink water with every meal.  Bring a water bottle to work.  Drink water before bed and have a glass of water on your bedside table.  Water will detox your body and suppress the feeling of hunger.

The third easy step is to move as much as possible. No need for boot camp or marathon running.  You need to walk a bit more, get up from your office chair a bit more often – and if you are lucky you will find a fun activity in the material you picked up that you can enjoy a couple of times per week.  The key with exercise is to have fun.  With these small, easy and fun lifestyle changes to be a “healthier” person, you will find weight loss will come naturally, without pills.

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  • Weight loss is not too hard if you decide to do it surely. For this you just spend some time for yourself. A best diet plan or some workout or some type of exercises will help you to loss weight in effective and easy way. But you have to follow the diet plan compulsory and should do workout or exercises regularly. Just doing this perfectly,you will get result in few days. Drink water as much as you can because it can be helpful in losing weight.

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