Does your family have healthy eating habits?

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Does your family have healthy eating habits?

During a time, when tastes have gone global, and junk is almost revolutionary, taking care of food habits has become mandatory, especially for families with kids and grands. While it is impossible to keep a track of what is being consumed outside home, you can definitely keep a check on food habits at home! Here are a few things that should be inculcated as staunch habits at every dining table:

Include family meals as a ritual:

With family structures getting singular and considering the diverse work routine of each family member, family meals might seem rather difficult to accommodate. Nevertheless, religious efforts should be made towards it. Family meals induce healthy eating habits in children. They tend to reduce on unhealthy snack consumption and increase likability for fruits and veggies.

Stock good food:

When kids feel hungry, they would either approach you or the refrigerator. Ensure that only healthy items stay under their easy reach. Gradually, kids absorb the habits they are being exposed to.

Include a lot of water:

Staying hydrated is the core mantra towards a healthy life. Water flushes impurities out of the blood and protects the body from various diseases. Try and influence your kids’ water consumption pattern. Encourage the habit of carrying fresh pure water in a bottle whenever family members step out of the house.

Eating at regular intervals:

Induce the habit of food consumption at regular intervals. Gobbling up a lot of food all at once is a bad habit and leads to unbalanced energy intake into the body. When kids go out or your husband steps out for a long day, pack some home-made snack so that hunger does not compel them to step towards unhealthy, fatty junk stuff.

Promote salads and soups:

Kids fuss a lot over vegetables. But it is essential that they are given an ample supply of the essential vitamins and minerals present in green vegetables. The internet is full of innovative ideas to include greens in kids’ diet. Include fun salads and crunchy fruits in meal plans. Soups are great replenishments for a nutrient-scanty food routine. They taste great and do a lot of good. Bring soups into fashion at the table.

Mandate breakfasts:

Going without a full breakfast kills the entire day’s wellness. This is a grave problem in working families, where there is practically no time for an elaborate breakfast. If it is impossible to prepare a good heavy breakfast, it is advisable to include sugar free cereals, milk, brown bread, honey and eggs in the breakfast palate. Make sure all nutrients are present in balanced quantities. A filling breakfast is important for a fulfilling day at work.

End your dinner with herbal tea:

Green tea, chamomile tea, lemongrass tea and other decoctions help a lot in soothing the system and bringing calm to the body. Especially when you have elderlies at home, make post-dinner tea, a ritual. Herbal tea eases digestion and increases the body’s immunity. Green tea is also a wonderful source of anti-oxidants that can be of great help in shooing off diseases.

Fruit desserts for the sensitive taste buds:

If you have those fussy members at your home, whose sweet teeth do not allow them to roll off to sleep without a dessert, well, bring in crunchy and juicy dessert surprises. Fruit yoghurt, chilled custard and other such recipe reduce the threats of a sugary treat while still satiating the senses.

Healthy food habits are not difficult. It is just that we have a lot of unhealthy options to choose from. Check out those unhealthy options from your family’s diet plan to ensure a healthy family.

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