25 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga Exercise

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25 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga Exercise

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Health Benefits of Yoga Exercise
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Regular yoga practice does more than tone muscles and improve flexibility. From stress relief to anti-aging and longevity, learn why yoga might be the perfect exercise with surprising health benefits. Yoga can help improve your overall health, lose weight and even get rid of bad eating habits. Read more to learn how Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga can change your life for the better.

Yoga is an ancient system of personal development. The principles of achieving a unity of body, mind and spirit form the basis of yoga. These five principles of yoga include proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.

Yoga practice is very beneficial to health. It makes your body stronger and more flexible, increases stamina and lung volume, improves spine posture. Yoga poses and breathing technique stimulate metabolic process like no other type of exercises does. Moreover, yoga helps to lose excess weight and adopt healthy eating habits.

There are a lot of yoga styles, but almost all of them come from Hatha Yoga. All styles of yoga aim to balance your body, mind and spirit. The choice of yoga style depends on your preferences. In the United States, Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga are especially popular.

Hatha Yoga

The most well-known branch of yoga is Hatha Yoga. The main elements of Hatha Yoga are asanas or physical exercises, pranayama or breathing technique and meditation. Practicing yoga poses stretches your muscles, increases the flexibility of the spine and improves blood circulation.

Yoga poses are accompanied by breathing exercises. Your breathing should be deep and rhythmical. This makes your body relaxed and yet gives you more energy. Hatha Yoga is a great way to cope with stress and depression, relieve the tension.

Yoga is especially good for people who use food as a mood altering drug, that is eat when upset or feel nervous. Hatha Yoga will change your attitude to food: you will eat only when you are really hungry. Yoga promotes healthy nutrition and moderation in food. You will not even cast a glance at junk food after yoga classes. Continuous yoga practice will help you control your calorie intake, get rid of bad eating habits and tone your body.

Yoga poses, proper breathing and meditation bring your body in perfect health and free your mind from everyday stress.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is good for people who are ready for a serious workout. Power Yoga includes series of vigorous exercises without pauses and breaks. It makes you strong and sturdy, strengthens your muscles, tones your body.

Power Yoga sessions are done in a heated room. When performing Power Yoga asanas, you sweat a lot and burn many calories. If you want to lose weight, Power Yoga is more effective than Hatha Yoga; however, Power Yoga is difficult for beginners.

Yoga lifestyle

Yoga is not fitness; it is a lifestyle. To understand what yoga is, try it yourself. Remember yoga principles involve not only exercises and proper breathing but also a healthy diet and positive thinking. This makes yoga different from most other forms of exercises.

Anyone can practice yoga. Poses tone your body; breathing technique improves your nervous and respiratory systems. The principles of proper diet and meditation will help you change your eating habits: you will adhere to a healthy diet and eat only when hungry. Choose the yoga style that is most suitable for you and change your life for the better.

Top 25 Health Benefits of Yoga

The most common health benefits of yoga include the following:

  1. Strengthens muscle
  2. Improves flexibility
  3. Decreases stress and anxiety
  4. Decreases blood pressure.
  5. Improves gastrointestinal functions
  6. Helps to cope with depression
  7. Improves blood circulation and oxygenation
  8. Relieves tension
  9. Provides energy
  10. Creates mindfulness
  11. Helps to focus
  12. Improves balance
  13. Makes you happier
  14. Perfects your posture
  15. Increases self-esteem
  16. Encourages self-care
  17. Reduces risk of chronic disease
  18. Improves eye-hand coordination
  19. Strengthens bones and helps prevent osteoporosis
  20. Helps to lose excess body weight
  21. Reduces muscle soreness
  22. Delays aging
  23. Reduces imsomnia
  24. Improves memory
  25. Reduces spinal compression and back pain

If you are aware of yoga health benefits not listed above, make sure to post a comment.

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  • I used to be the kind of people who looked down on yoga as some kind of hoax or spiritualist idiocy… but in my desperation looking for something that would help appease my anxiety, I ended up trying yoga, since my therapist mentioned that some patients of him had experienced significantly improved recovery once they started doing the same. I decided I would just try it for a month before making a decision… and well, suffice to say and a year later I’m still doing it. And I’m really into it, and my anxiety is not as troubling as it used to be. There’s really something amazing about this discipline, it’s almost magic… people who are always too stressed out should definitely try it!

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