Glycemic Index Diet

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Glycemic Index Diet

Learn how the glycemic index diet can help you control your blood sugar levels and lose weight.

The glycemic index (GI) is a tool that helps measure the effect of carbohydrate-containing foods on blood sugar level. High-glycemic foods tend to make blood sugar levels rise.

The glycemic index diet, also called the low glycemic diet, encourages consumption of carbohydrates that are low or medium on the glycemic index and restricts the consumption of carbohydrates that are high on the glycemic index. The glycemic index diet is based on presumption that low-glycemic foods promote weigh loss by helping you control appetite. You feel full longer as low-glycemic foods are absorbed more slowly than high-glycemic foods.

The glycemic index diet does not call for calorie counting allowing a dieter to satisfy their appetite with low-glycemic carbs, protein and fat. You should not confuse the glycemic index diet with the low-carb diet. The glycemic index diet helps you choose low-glycemic carbohydrates and keep your blood sugar balanced, while the low-carb diet restricts your total carb consumption. The glycemic index diet can be a calorie-controlled low-fat diet if the energy intake is monitored and the consumption of saturated fats is reduced to minimum. There are many varieties of the glycemic index diet, the most popular of which include the South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, Sugar Busters, and Glucose Revolution.

Glycemic Index of Foods

The foods high on the glycemic index include baked goods such as white bread, pasta, rice, baked potatoes, and low-fiber cereals. The low-glycemic index foods include most fresh fruits and vegetables (except watermelon and pumpkin), whole grains, legumes, and skim milk. Remember that refined foods tend to have higher glycemic induces than unprocessed foods. Low-glycemic foods are healthier. They are good sources of fiber and other essential nutrients.

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