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Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.


Are Treadmills Better Than Street Running?

How to Choose Running Shoes

Choosing the best running shoes will help prevent injuries to your joints and make it possible for you to keep running for several more years. There are a variety of top running shoes to choose from, and it can be overwhelming when you first walk into a running store to choose the perfect pair. These five tips will help you find a great deal on a good pair of shoes.

Running to Lose Weight: Leaning to Run and Loving to Run

5K Training for Beginners

Training to run your first 5K can be both an exciting challenge and a daunting task. It’s widely considered a great distance for beginners to run due to its 3.1 miles in distance. Regardless of your conditioning level, most people can be ready to complete […]

Are Treadmills Better Than Street Running?

Are Treadmills Better Than Street Running?

Creating a lifestyle that is focused on health and wellness is important to looking and feeling good over the years. One of the most popular exercise options for people of all fitness levels is running. There are numerous benefits to participating in running on a […]