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Fast Food Calories & Nutrititon Facts

Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

If you are planning to dine out at Buffalo Wild Wings® and are not concerned about calories – then go for it! An occasional splurge is ‘allowed’ on any weight loss or maintenance program. However, it’s never a bad idea to scan the menu (and […]

Is a High-Protein Diet Bad for Your Health?

Chick-fil-A Nutrition Information and Calories

Chick-fil-A® is a fast food chain with hundreds of locations nationwide. Their claim to fame, of course, is chicken (nuggets, strips and sandwiches), but the restaurant offers many other items such as sandwich ‘wraps,’ salads and desserts.

Fast Food Calorie Counter - Hamburgers

Fast Food Calorie Counter – Hamburgers

When you are in the mood for fast food, specifically, a juicy fast food hamburger, it may be hard to find a substitute that will satisfy your craving. So, just how much (calorie) damage will a fast food hamburger do to your weight loss or weight maintenance diet?