Editorial Policy

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Editorial Policy

Last Updated: July, 2011

Calorie-Count.US strives to provide accurate information of nutrition, weight loss, and fitness. All content is suitable for a general audience and includes no material that can be reasonably considered offensive.

We employ dietitians, nutritionists, and medical freelance journalists to write articles for calorie-count.us. Some articles are contributed by guest writers who have varying degrees of education in nutrition, but all articles are checked for accuracy by our editors.

Whenever possible, we cite all the sources at the end of the article (in the Reference section). We do our best to ensure that our content is founded on scientific research.

Be aware, our articles cannot substitute professional medical advice and can be used for informational purposes only. You should contact your health care provider with any concerns about your health.


We encourage open communication. Our editorial process is transparent, and reader feedback is important for us. You can post your opinion as a comment to articles you read on our site. Note that comments are opinions of their respective authors and are not subject to this editorial policy. Comments are reviewed as they are posted by readers. Comments containing offensive language or unsolicited advertising are removed on a day-to-day basis.


All forum posts are moderated, and posts deemed offensive or inappropriate are removed by the forum moderator. Forum posts are not subject to this editorial policy.


We have to display advertisements on calorie-count.us to cover the operating costs but still keep the site free for our readers. Content labeled "Advertising" is not subject to this editorial policy and has not been reviewed by our editors.