5 Things You Can Do to Burn More Calories

5 Things You Can Do to Burn More Calories

Many people leave work feeling active and full of energy especially on a warm and sunny day. Simply going home and relaxing does not usually burn off this energy. This is usually a good time to have fun or to perform some constructive activities. Five activities will help anyone to burn extra calories after work.


A number of people enjoy running after work. Running is simple and can be done anywhere from a large city to a rural road. Running provides a steady aerobic workout. Individuals who run through wooded paths enjoy the peace and quiet. Runners can adjust the speed and intensity of the activity to meet current energy levels and physical abilities.


Golfing is an activity that uses the mind as much as the body. Several holes of golf after work can burn a large amount of energy. Anyone looking to play golf can use services like Golfzing to book tee times at any number of nearby courses. Walking through a course or even between holes in smaller locations can become an aerobic activity. Aggressive swings have the same effect. The scoring system allows players to track progress every time a game is played after work.

Yard and Garden Work

Yard and garden work is an option for people who want to go straight home after leaving work. Yard and garden work can burn a large amount of energy especially when performing intensive tasks like weeding, turning the soil or pruning hedges and trees. Anyone performing yard work will be in the sun. This helps the body to create beneficial vitamins. Working on a garden or yard is a good choice for people who have injuries or limited mobility since the pace can be changed as needed.


Swimming is a fun activity that will burn energy after work. Swimming does not stress the body and offers a range of different activities from simple laps to diving or aerobics. Swimming also tends to use groups of muscles in the body that are not normally used. This activity is healthy and easy on the joints.


Weightlifting is an option for individuals who want to start building muscle mass while burning energy and calories after work. Weightlifting takes place in several stages. Some stages increase muscle while others improve endurance or flexibility. Weightlifting is a low-impact activity for the hours after work.

Burning the energy after work through a constructive activity will improve health. It could also provide some unique experiences while golfing or running on trails. These benefits are well worth the extra effort.

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