Home Boxing Workouts for Weight Loss - Video for Beginners

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Home Boxing Workouts for Weight Loss – Video for Beginners

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Home boxing workouts for weight loss

Try these home boxing workouts to lose weight and build muscle. Do the most efficient boxing exercises at home. Train your entire body like a boxer.

Boxing workouts will not only tone your muscles but also helps you to maintain your desirable weight. This is something that has been tested and proven to be workable over the years. After doing boxing workouts for several weeks you will definitely see amazing results in your body. Your muscles and bones will get stronger as well as you will achieve a fit and a lean body.  It only calls for sheer persistence and consistent efforts in your workouts. In essence boxing has become one of the most popular workouts in the contemporary world because of the amazing results of a stunning physique after the workouts.

If you do not have time or financial muscle to attend boxing training fitness program, you can do the boxing workouts at the comfort of your home. There are various exercises that you can do at home to help you in losing weight while at the same time maintain a healthy body. Some of the boxing workouts you can do at home to help you lose weight and remain fit are listed below.

Jumping rope

This is an awesome cardiovascular exercise. It has been lauded as the finest home boxing workouts. This cardiovascular exercise increases your body metabolism to burn a significant amount of calories (around 1,000 calories) within a time frame of sixty minutes workout. This is a great exercise to enable you lose the unwanted fats in your body and help you attain a healthy body. There are various types of jump you can enjoy. These are bell jump, forward shuffle, backward shuffle and full twister for an entire body workout.

Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is a boxing workout where you throw punches at your own shadow as the name implies. In boxing training fitness programs you are usually assigned a partner but now that you are doing the exercise all by yourself, you use your shadow for the workout. It is good to make sure that the room that you are working out from is well lighted. Face the wall and improve your boxing movements all by yourself as well as burn those unwanted muscle fats to get a robust physique. When exercising the left foot should be ahead and your right foot behind you.

Sit ups and push ups

For workouts  you do at home, there should be an established routine of exercises. The components of this routine workout schedule should inculcate push ups, stretches and sit ups. The exercises should be done in intervals which are defined based on the strength of the boxer. The recommended intervals however should be of about 3 minutes. For push ups there is a developed methodology through which they are performed.

For a beginner, the posture for push ups is a body that is straight from the ankles to the shoulders. The position of the elbows is upper than the arms and the whole body is lowered. This exercise assists in cutting down some fats around the abdominal area.

Types of punches

For the boxer who trains at home, there are various types of punches he can learn and practice. These punches are jabs, cross, upper cut and hooks. Jab is a straight, powerful and fast punch using the lead hand. When you are in this position you should then move your stomach and the hips in a clockwise direction. Unlike in jab punch where you use the lead hand, in cross punch you use the rear hand. Cross punch is a powerful punch in a semi circular motion to aim at the head of the opponent. You can also try punching a heavy bag using abdominal crunches with all your energy to get rid of abdominal fats.

To ensure that you have successful workouts at home, you need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment for exercising. The equipment that you should have for your workouts are boxing gloves to ensure that your hands are intact, hand wraps, jump rope, heavy bag, mirror, speed bag, pull up ball and a timer.

To get great results you need to have ice cold discipline in your exercises. It calls for hard work and persistence to get that superb robust physique.

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Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a regular blogger and father of a teenage son who is a great fan of boxing. Jason purchased ringside boxing gloves for his son as a New Year gift.

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