BMR Calculator | Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

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BMR Calculator | Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator


Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator lets you estimate the number of calories your body burns when you are resting and the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight. If you want to lose weight, you can create a calorie deficit through exercises and diet.

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  • From my personal experience….. there is not a need to ‘starve’ just ELIMINATE Bread products/crackers/cookies/pasta/ and SOLIDS like MEAT I personally eat no meat, and being an animal lover myself…. TAKE A LOOK at the TORTURE ALL the animals go through…take a peek. (Pigs) PERHAPS YOU won’t eat it anymore either! IT is HIDDEN,.. ‘Out Of Sight Out Of Mind’ I suppose… Why don’t you look at ‘VEAL’ for instance..THAT should turn you off right there!……. EAT ALOT of Vegetables,. make stir-fry… eat salads…….. the more watery content the foods the FASTER it passes through…. the FASTER you will lose all the weight….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is not healthy at all! I’m really sorry that you are anoxeric, trust me, I’m sure you’re beautiful! God made you the way you are and you are special. When I was 9 yrs old, my grandma died of anorexia; she weighed 35 lbs! Her face was sunken in, she was growing hair on her face…she resembled something more like a werewolf than my loving grandma…I can still see her lying in the hospital bed with tubes and machines all over was heart breaking, and I’m sure noone in your life would like to see you like that. The weird thing is, I don’t ever remember her saying she was fat or that she didn’t love her body, nothing would’ve made me think she was anorexic. I’m a little overweight, but I would rather weigh a little more than be like that! It scares me to either be obese or anorexic, and I’m constantly battling with my weight and topping the scale. However I love my body and every flaw and curve that I have! I wish you the best!

  • Hi i’m 16 years old 17 in june last time i weighed my body which is 3 days ago i was 130 lbs and am 5’6 i want to be 110 lbs and is eating 800 calories a day ealthy? Will i stop growing if i limit my self to that quantity and is this quantity good for my metabolism? I tried a diet which makes me lose 10 lbs a week but it contained too much protien which was bad and i gaine 3 kilos after i ate again .. Please i need help because i dont want to end up starving my self and i need a good diet plan and a diet plan which goes for apple shaped bodies
    Help ๐Ÿ™

  • 110 lbs would be too low for your height. You do not need a low-calorie diet. What you need is a good workout program to get in shape. It will help you look great without starving yourself.

  • 116-130 pounds is considered a healthy weight for your height. 110 pounds may be a little bit low. You should definitely see your doctor because excessive exercise and dieting are most likely not the cause of missing periods for 9 months. Apart from pregnancy, the most common cause is hormonal imbalance.

  • Im 5’5 1/2.
    17 yr old female.
    116 pounds.
    Am I fat? Should i go 2 110 or 100 pounds??
    Or am I healthy at this weight?Btw,I havent had my period for
    9 months. Could it be that i overexcercised and went on a diet ever since march.
    I havent had my period since. I am so worried. Help someone. Btw I got down
    to 105 pounds and all my family said i looked anorexic so I went back to 116 pounds.Why am I not having my period.When I weighed 130 pounds I had it all the time right on time.

  • I am 15 turning 16 at the beginning of feb and in the tenth grade, my height is about 5’5 and I usually weigh between 110-115 as a result of my anorexia I have anemia, low blood pressure, and have become less socially active at school. I think my anorexia started the summer before grade 9, at first my weight was 135. I read a lot about my condition online. I never count calories, just about the only exercise I get is from walking because I’m lazy. I usually don’t eat any food until about dinner time, I eat more during the weekend and less during the week, I drink at least a cup of water and a cup of milk a day and I always drink Dr.Pepper. I try to eat foods that will help replace the vitamins, nutrition, calcium, protein, fiber, iron (etc.) that my body needs to survive. I think I have this under control. Is this healthy?

  • hi, im 15 years old and i weigh 110 lb, with the height of 5′ 2.20, so my bmi is 20. my weight was 83.7 lb a year ago (bmi of 16). i was forest in to a hospital and fed. it was my nightmare. so now i kinda know about thees things…so, if you have questions…

  • hi

    Lately I’ve only been eating around 1300 calories a day and burning 800.

    I know how unhealthy this is.

    My BMR is 1300 so does this mean I have to eat 2100 calories to maintain my weight? (1300 + 800)

    How should I increase if this is the case? I’ve gone from 7st 9lbs or 107lbs to 97lbs or 6st 13lbs since the begging of July.

    Will i gain more weight than before?

    Also if it helps I’m a 16yr old girl and am the weight mentioned above and 5ft 2 inches

  • You should not starve yourself. Try to increase your calorie intake to 1800 calories a day. It may slow down your weight loss at first, but, if you continue running, you will lose weight.

  • I’m a 5’4″ girl, 145 lbs, and I have been losing 2 or 3 lbs. a week on an 1400 calorie diet and running about 5 days a week. I want to lose weight quickly, but I don’t want to starve. I eat whole grains and lots of protein, not much fat and I feel like I’m starving most of the time. Should I be eating more because of the running?

  • Okay so Im 15, and I wen from 130 at 5’6 to 110 when i reached 110 i lost my period. i got up to 115 and stayed a tthat weight for about 10 months with out a period. 3 months ago i went to the doctor and they said to go to 125- 130 and it will return. It worked! Although 116 isnt too skinny, it probably is not healthy for your body. Everyones body is different and some need more body fat to have a baby. When you lose your period from rapid weight loss your body preserved the eggs.

    source: personal experience/
    Dont worry too much just gain 10 lb and keep that weight for 2 months and im sure youll get your period back!
    workked for me

  • I agree, there are far more factors that go into calculating your caloric intake than just your BMR. I know there are many skeptics with the Atkins diet and being an obese person close to 50 years old and having been overweight my entire adult life in 14 months on the Atkins way of life plan am I no longer will be on the even considered overweight. An accomplished this by eating 1800s 2000 cal per day.

  • I was never overweight and had a good physic…but after completing my college last year i suddenly gained about 8 kgs in just 7 months and seems like i am still growing fat. I am exactly 6 feet and weighing 82 kgs now.Is is normal? I never changed my diet and eating habits…can it be a metabolic disorder?

  • I am an eighteen year old female, I’m 5’0 inches and 116 pounds but I want to be 100 lbs and I would like to get to that weight in 55 days….and I would like to know if that is unhealthy for me to do that? or to even be 100 lbs being 5’0 and an eighteen year old. Please answer my question, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • dont worry just keep a stedy health diet and do sport . i used to be like you but now iv got no belly fat

  • Female 180 lbs 5.5in.
    Stair climb 4 times a day 10 times each session.
    Consume 1300 calories a day (calories counted).
    Can’t seem to shift my weight at all.
    Drink about 60 oz. of water a day.
    Any suggestions?

  • Oh, and by the way, I lost 6 lbs by eating less and exercising more at school, which affected my mile run score by almost a minute! (I used to be 84, then I went down to 78 while growing to 4 ft 11, then I gained 2 lbs and grew to 5 ft.)

  • I’m practically 5 ft and 84 lbs…before I was 80 but I started gaining 2 lbs at a time…but I HAVE been drinking a lot of water, like 4 cups, and that’s when the numbers went up on the scale. However, I’m still the same skinny girl with a body mass of 15.7 or something like that. I swear, I haven’t gotten any fatter. By the way, muscle weighs more than fat. There’s a girl at my school that’s really thin; she doesn’t eat much, but she doesn’t exercise! And we’re only 5 pounds apart. One of my friends is 40 lbs more than me, and only 2 in. taller, but she’s in really good shape; probably because most of it is muscle. I can run a mile in like 8 min. and 15 sec. ๐Ÿ™ I guess I kind of want to lose weight so I can look like some of my other friends, though.

  • For the estimation of basal metabolic rate in adults, you can use the
    Harris-Benedict Formula, which is as follows for women:
    BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)

    If you are lightly active, multiply your BMR by 1.375 and you will get the number of calories required to maintain your current weight. This may or may not be your recommended calorie intake depending on your goal. If your goal is to lose weight, you may want to deduct 500 calories to create a calorie deficit.

    See also:
    New equations to estimate basal metabolic rate in children aged 10-15 years

  • how do we do when we are asked to consider the effect of age on BMR
    a- an infant who weighs 20 pounds has a BMR of 500 kcal/day
    b- an adult who weighs 170 pounds has a BMR OF ABOUT 1500
    C- based on body weight, who has the faster BMR

    and also D- how do we compute the energy needs for a woman, age 20 who is 5 feet inches tall weighs 130 pound and is lightly active

    E- discover what weight is needed to achieve a desired BMI
    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello! For a man of your size your BMR is probably somewhere around 1,800 pounds. You will be having a hard time getting all the nutrients you need on just 1000 Calories. Congratulations on losing weight, but just eating 1,000 Calories is not a healthy amount for you.
    According to the National Institute of Health, a healthy weight for someone 6’3″ is between 160 – 192 lbs. So technically, you are under weight and should stop trying to lose it. I would up my diet to at least 1,800 Calories. (Although with your activity level you could eat up to a 2,300 Calorie diet)
    Hope this help!
    (And please keep yourself in a healthy weight range. It’s too dangerous to play with.)

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