BMI Calculator | Body Mass Index and Body Mass Indicator

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BMI Calculator | Body Mass Index and Body Mass Indicator


Calculate your Body Mass Index (Body Mass Indicator) without learning any math formulas. Click here to download BMI Calculator on your computer and keep track of your BMI. The program supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98.

How BMI Calculator works

Choose if you prefer English or Metric system and enter your height and weight into BMI Calculator. Then click the Calculate button. See screenshots.

How do I order BMI Calculator?

Please see ordering BMI Calculator.

Can I get BMI Calculator for free?

If you have a web site, you can place a link to us in exchange for a copy of BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index Counter). For more info, see How to get BMI Calculator for free.

For more information, see Frequently asked questions about BMI, Body Mass Index, Body Mass Indicator.


5 thoughts on “BMI Calculator | Body Mass Index and Body Mass Indicator”

  • You are doing a great service to public by posting such an important information and useful software to calculate and keep track of one’s BMI. I think this would make us health conscious and save us from related ailments.

  • I recently found out my BMI and to my horror, I’m OBESE! This is something that now I’m aware of is not too bad, however: made me feel awful at the time of discovering it. My plan was to get my BMI to 22 and get the weight i was 10 years ago, only now I’m addicted to chocolate! So i went to see a Hypnotherapist who helped me to align my feelings and massively reduced my cravings. Yeah… i can now say that i have nearly reached my goal, i wouldn’t be able to do it without hypnotherapy,

  • BMI is a measure of your weight in relation to your height, so you won’t fall into the overweight category if you are tall; however, BMI can indicate that you are overweight if you are muscular, because BMI is not for athletes but for average people.

  • Hello,

    BMI and BMR Calculators are software programs for Windows. You cannot put them on your web site, but you can use them on your desktop.

    We plan to release a free web-based version of our calculators that you can place on your site; however, I do not have a date when this option may become available.

    You can subscribe to the Webmasters newsletter at /newsletter/webmasters (the subscription block is on the right), and you will get a notice when the web-based version is released. The newsletter is very low volume: only notifications of web-based versions of our health tools will be posted.

  • I’ve searched the internet everywhere and was most pleased when I found you! I have an important question and would greatly appreciate your positie response. I have a health & Fitness website that requires a BMI and BMR calculator. Please, can I institute the within BMR and BMI calculator at my health & fitness site. Please, what are the procedures? Many thanks. Jane Benson Keast, Principal, Fit 50 & Fabulous

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