Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight

In today’s busy society, it’s not easy to plan an exercise regimen. It’s hard enough just planning your meals and sticking to a diet. Never mind fitting a half hour of activity in alongside a full time job, spouse and kids. Fortunately, several effective exercises can easily fit into your schedule for a healthier lifestyle, weight loss and greater energy.


One of the best, easiest, and cheapest ways to get in that extra boost of exercise is by walking. It may not seem like an optimal way to sweat and burn off the calories, but walking is by far the most simple and most effective way to burn some extra calories during the day. And it’s easy to fit into anyone’s schedule.

Instead of taking an elevator, walk up the stairs. Take a ten-minute break from work, and instead of grabbing coffee, go for a walk around your perimeter. Wake up an extra ten minutes early for a brisk walk around your block. When shopping, park farther away from the door in order to get in that extra walk.


Did you know that squats target the thighs, hamstrings, and bottom? This exercise will work multiple muscle groups, which is great when you’re on the go. A simple round of ten squats, starting slow, would take only a few minutes. Try doing some in the morning or on a lunch break. Just be sure to keep your form (feet shoulder width apart, back straight) up to par, to avoid overextending your knees and other injuries. If you have problems with your back or knees, skip the squats and opt for safer lunges instead.


Similar to squats, lunges work the legs, but only one at a time, rather than both together. They offer more stability for those with back or knee problems and are easy to alter to any fitness level. Lunges target the same areas as squats and take little time – try doing a round of five or more lunges on a break, at night before bed, or in the morning.


Now that you’ve targeted your legs, it’s time to get the upper body in shape. Push-ups are a great workout for the body’s core – the trunk of the upper body. They target the triceps, chest, and shoulders. A push-up is a simple workout that takes just a few moments. They can be altered to match any fitness level.

Abdominal Crunches

A wonderful way to work out the stomach and obliques, abdominal crunches are quick and easy. Watch body mechanics, taking care not to pull on your neck if you hold your arms behind your head. Focus on the core muscles and let them do the work.

Start slow and sneak these exercises into your day. You’ll notice your diet is much more effective when you add in regular exercise.

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